PABCO® Limited
Shingle Warranty

Our Limited Shingle warranty outlines the details on coverage and transferability of warranty benefits.

Refer to our Limited Shingle Warranty for complete details.

Products featuring Algae Defender® are warranted to protect shingles from unsightly black streaks caused by algae.

Valid on PABCO Roofing Products shingles purchased and applied in the United States or Canada.

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Shingle Warranty

Register Your Warranty

While homeowners are not required to register their Limited Shingle Warranty, doing so
brings peace of mind and maintains a track record of the roof’s history.
Shingle Warranty

Warranty Claims

We are committed to providing high-quality roofing products for our customers. Please let us know how we are doing!

If you have any questions or wish to file a claim, please follow the appropriate link below.


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