Unique Roof Relies on Diamond-Shaped Shingles in Lewiston, Idaho

In the historic Normal Hill district of Lewiston, Idaho, a large Victorian home recently was in desperate need of a new roof. The four-dormer square schoolhouse design, with large roof planes, had an existing roof that simply didn’t do the exquisite home justice. “It had cedar shakes and two layers of asphalt shingles over that in short and long rows,” explained Brady O’Kelley, owner, O’Kelley General Contracting, Lewis-Clark Valley, Idaho. “Some spots had holes that were patched over old vents. It was not the nicest roof on the hill.” Even worse, the existing roof system was starting to sag.

The house sits in an area known as Hell’s Half Acre, known for its extremely high winds. Not only did the homeowners need to choose a shingle that would uphold the beautiful look of the Victorian home, but it also needed to provide unmatched strength against the area’s high-wind patterns. Thankfully, the homeowner found the perfect match with PABCO® Roofing Products’ Cascade™ Signature Cut Shingles in antique black, which allowed them to preserve, restore, and harness their home’s history. For historical-style homes such as this Northern Idaho residence, the unique shape of the shingle accentuates the steeply sloped roof.

“Our team hand-nailed every individual shingle on this project,” said O’Kelley. “The Cascade shingle from PABCO Roofing was the best fit for this project that had many different valleys, hips, and overhangs. Everything on the roof is perfectly symmetrical and we required a precision shingle for the job. It took a while to get the valleys to match, but in the end it came out beautifully.”

Drew Johnson, territory sales manager at PABCO Roofing Products, remarked, “O’Kelley is a force of nature when it comes to exceeding the expectations of his customers radically. He doesn’t know the meaning of ‘good enough’ or ‘that’ll work. Although it is often a clichéd expression to boast about how you’ll treat each project as if it were your own house, he lives that mantra. He exemplifies the quality over quantity approach to roofing, and the results are apparent. It’s a privilege to highlight a contractor with such a dedication to his craft. We are so proud that he’s chosen PABCO to be his partner for so many years.”

O’Kelley General Contracting is a PABCO PreferredPRO Contractor, meaning the company has an intimate knowledge of PABCO roofing products and is an expert installer that meets regional licensing, bonding, and insurance requirements, as well as demonstrates consistent service and high marks from customers. O’Kelley has owned the company for eight years and is one of the most highly regarded PABCO installers in the area.

Available throughout the United States, patented Cascade asphalt shingles are a unique diamond-shaped roofing product on the market, available in four classic colors, including antique black, Cambrian slate, oakwood, and pewter gray. The one-of-a-kind look of Cascade shingles is popular for historic home roof renovation projects, honoring the classic style of heritage structures.

“The project required perfect lines and extreme precision,” said O’Kelley. “The owner picked the Cascade shingle for its beautiful look and the unique diamond shape of the shingle. This is now the nicest roof on Normal Hill.

Source: Western Roofing Magazine