Dehart Roofing, Inc. | Contractor Spotlight

DeHart Roofing was founded by the uncle of Larry Dehart in 1975 in the Central Valley of California. One year later, Larry Dehart joined his uncle, not convinced that this was going to be a long-term career. Larry found that he loved the creative aspect of his new profession, even though the work could be extremely difficult. In order to make ends meet in a tough economy in 1980, he took his first solo side job roofing a house for his cousin, for which he was never paid. Larry learned a valuable lesson, but was more determined than ever to make a career in roofing.

By 2004, Larry had learned all aspects of the roofing business and his family made the decision to purchase the company from his uncle. The Dehart family had a vision of growing the business to levels never previously achieved by the small company. Strategic partnerships with key vendors and targeted advertising were key initiatives to help achieve company goals, but hard work and honesty are the pillars of their success. Dehart Roofing has earned a reputation as one of California’s most dependable roofing companies.

Larry believes in sharing knowledge with his customers so they can make an informed buying decision. His ten dedicated employees, which includes several family members, provide value by offering superior products and workmanship. They understand how their customers’ peace of mind is dependent on their ability to perform at the highest level.

Though the business has grown in volume and stature, Dehart Roofing has stayed true to their values and continues to support those companies that share Dehart’s values of honesty and quality. Larry believes that “PABCO Roofing provides a quality product, competitive pricing, and excellent service through our distributor, Pacific Supply.” Dehart Roofing is able to offer a wide variety of heavyweight shingles to their customers – from PABCO Premier® laminated fiberglass shingles to Premier Radiance® Elite solar reflective shingles – with confidence that the homeowner is getting the highest quality product available. Larry concluded that “PABCO Roofing sets the standard for high-end appearance and durability.”

We are pleased to feature Dehart Roofing as our July Contractor in the Spotlight. It is an honor to be a preferred partner of one of the finest roofing contractors in the Central Valley and entire State of California.

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