The Full Gospel Slavic Church of Meridian, Idaho, just West of Boise, received a major upgrade at the end of 2021 — a new roof. The massive structure required 230 squares of shingles. While not necessarily cathedral size, this was certainly a big job.

The old roof was beginning to fail. Church members had started to notice shingles in the parking lot after strong storms. They brought in a local professional, Diamond Roofing, to assess the situation. After an inspection, Diamond Roofing recommended a re-roof.

Diamond Roofing, based in nearby Nampa, Idaho and serving residential and commercial customers in the greater Boise area for the past 14 years, is led by a husband-and-wife team, Rolando Saucedo who manages the projects in the field, and Antonia Saucedo who handles the books and communication needs for their clients. Their daughter, Jayleen Saucedo, helps with the business, handling marketing activities for the company. Diamond Roofing places an extremely high value on its reputation, so its work on a church serving hundreds of local families required careful attention.

Like so many roofs in the area, the structure required a shingle capable of handing the extremes of Idaho’s weather. “A roof in Boise gets beat up on 365 days a year,” says Rolando. The weather in the Boise area is one of extremes. Antonia notes that “in Boise, you can experience all four seasons in a single day.”

The Full Gospel Slavic Church roof is subjected to temperatures that plummet to low 20s in winter, and soar to the 90s in summer. Wind, rain and snow steadily beat down on area roofs, so a product that can stand up to the weather is a must. The Diamond Roofing team even experienced some of these extremes on the job, enduring a steady rain and a healthy dose of wind throughout the project.

The Full Gospel Slavic Church of Meridian, Idaho, was topped with 23,000 square feet of Premier shingles from PABCO Roofing Products. Photos: PABCO Roofing Products
Rolando recommended the Premier shingle from PABCO Roofing Products in the classic Oakwood color to the Full Gospel Slavic Church. The Premier shingle is a premium laminated product popular for both residential and commercial roofs. The Oakwood color complemented the natural surroundings in Idaho perfectly. Premier shingles are also designed to handle weather extremes, including the abuse of strong winds.

“My Diamond Roofing team appreciated that PABCO’s Premier shingles were so easy to cut. This was an important factor because of the size of the job and the amount of cutting that had to be done,” explains Rolando. A team of six completed the project in two weeks.

For a successful re-roof that could withstand the area’s weather extremes, it was critical for Diamond Roofing to properly prepare the underlying roof structure. They started by identifying areas that showed signs of potential water or snow accumulation so that extra underlayment could be installed to provide additional protection. And throughout the project, Diamond Roofing was careful to not expose large areas of the structure to the elements. “Our crew had to be very methodical when removing the existing roof, working by sections,” states Rolando. “As we tore down old roof, we’d install synthetic underlayment so that no roofing area was ever left uncovered or unprotected.”

“We’ve done bigger jobs, but not many that were larger than the Full Gospel Slavic Church,” says Rolando. The roof design is very straightforward, including four distinct, connected structures. There are two large, parallel structures comprising the main areas of the church, each with ridge lines approximately 30 feet high, and two small roofs covering two separate entryways. These two large structures are connected by a slightly shorter building. The final component was a unit connected to the side of the largest building.

The designs and components of each of the four roof structures were not complex, but the overall church facility was extremely large. In addition, because the roof fields are so prominent, shingle placement had to be meticulous for the overall design to look just right.

Among the steps Diamond Roofing took to make sure the new roof would hold up to the weather was the use of extra nails — driving six to seven nails in each and every shingle. The extra nailing work helped make sure the shingles would stay in place even during heavy winds.

Timing of the work was an important consideration for the Full Gospel Slavic Church. No work could be done on the weekends when the congregation assembled, an accommodation Diamond Roofing was happy to make.

Because the project took place during the pandemic, supply chain issues were a concern. Communication with the local distributor and the PABCO Roofing Products manufacturing facility in Tacoma, Washington, was essential, enabling Diamond Roofing to make sure enough shingles could be delivered on time to compete the job.
“The team at Diamond Roofing was incredible — true professionals,” comments Walter Kinakh, Senior Pastor and President of Full Gospel Slavic Church. “They were thorough, communicated their plan with us throughout the project, and the end result is just beautiful.”


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