Alpine Construction | Contractor Spotlight

We are pleased to share our March Contractor in the Spotlight, Alpine Construction of Spokane, Washington. Alpine Construction was built on a foundation of quality workmanship and competitive prices, which happens to be Don Rappe’s personal motto. Don founded Alpine Construction in April of 1986 with his son, Darius. The family company has stood strong for nearly thirty years as the father-son pair continues to stay committed to their business and customers.

Don’s journey to opening Alpine Construction at 52 years-old is truly admirable. Hailing from South Dakota, two-year old Don came to Spokane, Washington with his five siblings and parents in 1936. Throughout the years, Don wore several hats within the business world—from agricultural expert to insurance broker. Growing up, Don learned to appreciate the agricultural culture as he worked on several farms, including Weilers Greenhouse and The Flower Pot. In 1959, Don graduated with a degree in teaching from Eastern Washington State College (now EWU) and began working as a salesman with Central Life Assurance.

The next 22 years were spent working at Central and building a family. In 1961, Don married the love of his life, Jacquelyn Nordby. They raised their family of six alongside cats, dogs, birds, fish, and a horse at their home in Browne’s Mountain. Inspired by a friend he was working for as a financial broker at the time, Don decided to open his own construction business in 1980. Alpine Energy flourished with twenty dedicated employees and their business soared. Unfortunately, the partnership of Alpine Energy came to an end and nothing remained of Don’s company.

At 52 years-old, Don was determined not to get discouraged. Despite the difficult outcome of Alpine Energy, he decided to move forward and open up a new business. In 1986, Alpine Construction of Spokane, Washington was born and has flourished ever since. As the years have gone by, Darius moved to managing the company, as Don and his wife transitioned into semi-retirement. Overall, Alpine Construction has grown exponentially and currently covers an 80 mile radius in Spokane.

Alpine Construction has used PABCO® Roofing shingles exclusively since 1988. According to Darius, it is quality and weight of PABCO shingles that they value and the fact that Alpine “can always depend on PABCO to take care of any issues, should they arise.” Pictured above is Darius in front of a home that features Paramount Advantage® in Antique Black. The homeowner was searching for a shingle that had a shake-like appearance, but was concerned about fire resistance. Darius showed them samples of Paramount Advantage and they were sold immediately.

PABCO Roofing is proud to have Alpine Construction as one of our valued Preferred Contractors and our March Contractor in the Spotlight. We greatly appreciate the relationship we have built over the years. It has been a pleasure getting to know the Rappe family and being able to share their story this month.

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