Warranty Eligibility

  • You MUST install a full roof; roofing only a portion, such as one plane, does not qualify.
  • The new roofing system must NOT be installed over an existing roof.
  • You MUST certify the standards of expertise utilized and appearance of the completed product complies with PABCO® Roofing’s application instructions, recommendations, and requirements.
  • As the PABCO® PreferredPRO Contractor, you assume responsibility for workmanship defects and/or application errors within the first 24 months of the date of application. PABCO® Roofing Products assumes responsibility for workmanship defects after 24 months of application as set forth in the PABCO® PreferredPro Residential Limited Shingle Warranty.
  • You MUST install PABCO® Universal Starter (and Paramount® Starter, when required), Shadow Cap or Shasta HD Ridge, and underlayment felt complying with ASTM D226, D4869, or D6757 or self-adhering membrane complying with ASTM D1970 as part of the roofing system.

  • You MUST verify that this roof installation follows the requirements of the PABCO® Roofing installation policies, including the roof elements being properly installed and the application methods correctly implemented.

  • Minimum net free ventilation area of 1 square foot per 150 square feet of ceiling area is required. When intake vents are located at the eaves and exhaust vents are located near the roof’s peak (in a properly balanced system) for maximum air flow, ventilation may be reduced to 1 square foot per 300 square feet.

By selecting “Continue” you are confirming that you meet all requirements.


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